Maxim Dundun

The shell of the woman I used to be has been abandoned on the shores to wonder. She has been drawn into the deepest parts of the ocean by the strength of the seas.

I keep trying to find her, but I never seem to get through in time.

She used to be happier, friendlier, full of life, and full of ambitions for who she wanted to be.

I lost her at sea and I would do anything to find her again.



I miss my melancholy; it turns out I am nothing without her.

I felt so much when I had her.

She had a way of making me experience all of my emotions intensely.

She kindled a creative light in me.

She offered me ideas that Joy couldn’t afford.

She held my hand during many trying times.

I tried all I could to get rid of her, believing that happiness was the only genuine answer.

I’ve lost my grief and pain, and without her, I’m nothing.

I gradually devolved into a shell of a person who feels nothing

Who knew that happiness couldn’t take the place of grief and that only numbness could?

I miss the person she molded me into. a depressed and lonely individual who felt everything

I’ll take it over numbness any day.



Anger is a squandered emotion that burns through you in a matter of seconds, leaving years of damage in its wake.

Anger is ugly, ugliness that fights to be noticed.

Anger is envious; it competes for attention while other emotions flourish.

Anger is merciless; it burns civilizations to the ground.

Anger is passionate

Anger makes you feel alive

Anger sets your soul on a thirst for life.

When you’ve run out of melancholy, you’ll need anger.



She calms my jittery soul and stops my racing thoughts.

She eliminated the thoughts I couldn’t control.

She helps me laugh at the responsibilities I couldn’t bear.

She makes me feel better than I do when she’s not there.

She hugs me tightly at night when no one is around.

she keeps me company when I’m underground

she shares an intoxicating love tale with those who let her in.

She makes you heady just when you need her the most.



Photo by Tim Rebkavets on Unsplash

I dream of a place where people sing and rejoice.

A place where laughter never ends.

A haven for people who have nowhere else to go.

In my hour of need, I run to a place that feels like a sanctuary.

A place where I feel safe and where the world’s ills cannot find me.

A place among the immortals where my spirit will never perish

A place where I’ll live indefinitely, with many companions over time



Maxim Dundun

Maxim Dundun

My mind is cluttered. Full of ideas, thoughts and words. Words that nag at you until they form sentences. I let myself feel & tell stories untold